Portlandia is Real

Are you familiar with the t.v. show Portlandia? Long before we made Portland our home, we were fans of the show and wondered if there was any truth to the quirky situations and characters represented on the show. As a new Portlander, I’m here to share YES there is much more reality in the show […]

Keep Portland Weird- No Mosquitoes

Portland has a slogan that says, “Keep Portland Weird” and you will see it around the city on bumper stickers, t-shirts and even murals on buildings. Based on what I have read, it was created to try and help local businesses thrive by bringing people into the city to eat and shop. In spite […]

New Home and New Job: Week One!

It was a busy first week in Portland, OR. Grocery shopping, Target shopping, unpacking, visiting with family and starting a new job. The neighborhood we are living in is called “Sunnyside” and it is filled with restaurants, cafes, coffee/tea shops, and independent retail shops and the exploration so far has been fun. It was […]