The Journey Begins

My first walk as an unemployed woman. It’s a hot, humid day and as I walk the sun is heating my skin.  I start down Summit Avenue and see others that are walking, running, biking- everything seems brighter.  I have my earbuds in, listening to music and feel energized.

I start experiencing memories from the last ten years of my corporate America journey. Memories of laughter, crying, friendship, pride, disbelief and adoration. All of these memories spanning years came rushing through my mind in only moments.

Suddenly Florence + the Machine are in my ears and the “Drumming Song” is playing. “Louder than sirens. Louder than bells. Sweeter than heaven. And hotter than hell.”

I release myself from all of the memories and emotions and feel euphoria. Pure, unadulterated EUPHORIA.

Today I begin my journey.


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