Oops! I Did it Again!

I can confidently say that I’ve never quoted Britney Spears before, but it feels fitting here. “Oops! I did it again!” As many of you will recall, in July of 2011 I left my position with a company where I had worked for over eleven years to start a personal sabbatical which led to a move to the Pacific Northwest. Shortly after I resigned, a friend who works as a recruiter told me that there is a definite trend that she sees in her work with people who have worked at a company for five to ten years and then leave that company—they tend to have a “rebound” job as their next stop in their career. Her definition of a rebound job is one that would only last for 9-15 months.  I remember thinking at the time how interesting that was, but that I couldn’t imagine myself ever falling into that category. How wrong I was. I recently resigned from what may have been my own rebound job.

I made the very bittersweet decision to resign from my position as Regional Vice President with InsideTrack. Many of you will remember how I was thrilled with the opportunity to work here as we transitioned from MN to Portland, OR last August. Well, it’s been an interesting journey and now a different adventure begins—with another small personal sabbatical over the summer that will lead into a fall job search. Ultimately there were many reasons that led me to leave this company and job, but the easiest explanation is: it was not the right position for using my talents and fueling my passion at work.

InsideTrack is a pretty amazing place. Great people and a focused mission made leaving a difficult decision, but ultimately I needed to follow my heart, pursue my dreams and find passion in my work again. I have started building my Portland network and looking for a new position. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I fully intend to enjoy the beautiful Portland summer and fall while I search.

4 comments to Oops! I Did it Again!

  • Julia

    You’re an inspiration, lady! Can’t wait to hear where this sabbatical takes you…though maybe not another move across the country?? Love hearing what you’re up to…looking forward to what you are artfully dreaming about in the coming weeks and months 🙂

    • kimberly

      Julia, Thanks for your kind words. Who would have ever guessed another sabbatical would ever be in the plan for me? Absolutely no move will be involved this time–we love the PNW too much. I continue to appreciate you and your involvement in my journey of life. Stay tuned for more updates soon. Miss you.

  • Tamara

    May each day of your journey be fresh and alive with new possibilities and awakenings, just for you! That is what I envisioned as I read your latest entry! Can’t wait to hear more!

    • kimberly

      Tamara, So good to hear from you and thank you for your kind wish for my upcoming journey. I look forward to seeing more of your personal journey too–I just read your first blog entry and am so pleased that you are feeling positive about where your life and career are going. I wish you continued success.

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