We Survived!

Boxes waiting for the movers.

Our first move was a success. I say “first move” because in order for my husband to fulfill his work contract we are renting a duplex (for six months) in West St. Paul as an interim step. The cross country move to Portland will come later this summer.

I attribute the success of our move to excellent planning, some difficult decisions and tons of hard work. More details on this in future posts. We took our 11+ years of life together and packed it into boxes. Almost all of our belongings will be in storage until we find a house in Portland. We have pretty realistic expectations that this could be anywhere from 12-18 months.

It was strange to watch a house filled with things and memories become an empty shell filled with boxes. I expected to feel a lot more sadness or bittersweet emotion than I did. In the end, I was ready to move forward. Ready to build new memories and DREAM big as we move into our future.

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