No Sleeping Tonight

I've never had much problem with sleeping, except during high stress times in my life. I didn't think I was stressed right now, as it's an exciting time in my life as we prepare to move to Portland, OR from St. Paul, MN, but tonight showed me otherwise. I was laying in bed and unable to slow my mind down. Thoughts were buzzing through my mind like a high speed slideshow: What else do I need to sell? What needs to be brought to GoodWill? Who is picking up items tomorrow? What else can I start packing for shipment? Who else do I need to connect with for lunch or happy hour before we leave? Have I set up cancelation on all of the utilities? Oh shoot, I still need to change our address with everyone. etc, etc, etc..

When I was a kid and I couldn't sleep I would lay on my back and hang half of my body off the bed, touching my head to the floor. The blood would rush to my head and somehow this would calm all of the thoughts, almost push them out of my mind and I could sleep. This method now sounds like a guaranteed headache so as an adult, on the rare occasion that I have sleep troubles, I usually find that getting up and reading or writing does the trick and I'm ready to sleep in minutes. Not tonight. I'm writing this post in hopes that my mind will calm and I'll be able to sleep. So far it doesn't seem to be helping. I just noticed my legs jittering beneath the desk, like I've been drinking multiple cups of coffee.

I think this is a two-fold reaction. First, I had dinner with a wonderful friend tonight and I'm sad that we'll be far apart. I know we will stay connected, but I also know it will be harder (it's already hard and we live only a few miles apart). As happy I am to be following my dream of moving, I'm feeling the reality of leaving people I love. Secondly, I got a phone call during dinner from a prospective employer in Portland. I'm excited and anxious to find out if they are calling with an offer or a rejection. Either way it's now late and the follow up call is going to have to wait until tomorrow morning.

So these two things and just the sheer volume of things to do in the next six days is messing with my sleep schedule. I got a nice email from the woman in Portland that we will renting from. She said, “I think that we are both in similar states of being/doing: Getting a phenomenal amount of work and hanging out with people we love in a short period of time. Compressed life….. ” I like the expression “compressed life” and it does clearly describe what is happening in my life right now. It's no wonder I can't sleep.

Good night to all.


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