Let The Adventure Begin

The journey really has started. At my last post (over 6 months ago) I had just left my job of over ten years.  Turns out that my decision to leave corporate America was just the first step in a much larger, exciting adventure.

We have sold our house and decided to move to Portland, OR. Big move for us, as we have both lived in MN for most of our lives. The first thing people say when I tell them we are moving is, “Oh, so you’re moving for a job opportunity?”  Nope. We are moving for the love of the place! CRAZY!? Maybe. At this point in our lives/careers we probably should stay put, not move. Oh well, let the new life begin.

I thought it might be interesting to document this journey.  Not only is it packing up and making a cross country move, it’s also creating new friendships, building a professional network, finding jobs and exploring a new state, city and community.

Join me if you want to come along for the “ride”. It promises to be an interesting one.

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