We Made It to Portland!

We successfully navigated over 1700 miles across country and are now sitting in what will be our home for the next 6 months, drinking a local beer and just relaxing for a few minutes—until the next errand or chore needs to be done.

The drive was great at some points (seeing the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood as we approached Portland) and challenging during others. The biggest challenge was the cats. . . they just don't like traveling. Even after Xanax doses where they were stumbling around the hotel room, one of them would whine and cry during the car drive. Good news is that we don't plan on bringing them on any long road trips in the foreseeable future.

My husband did a great job packing up the back of the VW and we had full visibility while driving and all of the things we needed each night were super accessible. We stayed at a hotel chain called, La Quinta which allows pets with no additional fees. We would drive between 7-9 hours each day, stop to stretch/have lunch and then drive until we got to the hotel and immediately start unloading the car. We took turns driving and by the time we got to our destination were usually exhausted after the full day of sitting in the car and driving. Most of the drive was pretty scenery but uneventful. Some of it was gorgeous driving and bit stressful driving through mountain passes. It was fun to see how beautiful Montana and Idaho were. I wish we would have been driving without animals and could have stopped and enjoyed the view a bit.

My husband made a really cool time lapse video of our journey and you can live our trip (in much faster form) here:


Our clothes and other personal items were all shipped UPS and had some sort of “train delay” in Montana. They were supposed to arrive on Friday and are expected to be delivered on Monday now if there are no other delays. I start work at my new job on Monday and I have enough business casual clothes to get me through Monday, so if no UPS, I'll have to go shopping for clothes, oh bummer :-). We ran a bunch of errands today (Costco, Target, some groceries) and this helps us feel like the rental is more “our place.”

Chenille the Devon Rex cat enjoying the sun.

The cats are acclimating well to the new space. Much of the furniture and furnishings in the house are rattan/wicker, which is a bummer since the cats think it is all cat scratchers for them. We have to keep scolding them to stop scratching on the furniture.

I don't know if you are following the weather out here, but it appears that we brought the HOT Twin Cities weather with us. The city is under a heat watch and everyone is kind of excited about it because it is so uncommon. Today in the high eighties and tomorrow in the high nineties. Right now Shinobi the cat is sitting next to a french door taking a nap in the sun. I overheard my husband saying to him, “Enjoy it, but don't get too used to seeing the sun buddy.” Ha! The temps will be back to the high 70's next week, like normal.

Fresh fruit just picked

One of the things we are already excited about is all of the fresh produce and other items, being sold on the street in nearly every neighborhood. Blueberries, strawberries, plums, apricots, cherries and boysenberries. They all taste amazing and each pint only $2.50. YAY! We love fresh and flavorful produce. The yard of our house has some produce growing and I can see tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries and basil that we will be able to harvest. There is also a fig tree that looks like it's just about ready to start providing us with some fresh figs.

I'm off to organize a bit more and then dinner and maybe a movie in the park. We saw they are screening Citizen Kane less than a mile from our place and depending on how we feel we may go watch the film (remember no mosquitoes here).


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