New Home and New Job: Week One!

It was a busy first week in Portland, OR. Grocery shopping, Target shopping, unpacking, visiting with family and starting a new job. The neighborhood we are living in is called “Sunnyside” and it is filled with restaurants, cafes, coffee/tea shops, and independent retail shops and the exploration so far has been fun. It was an amazing and exhausting first week in our new home.

I feel like a visitor in my new home and city and wonder when that feeling will shift. I am completely discombobulated when I'm trying to navigate by car or on foot and am grateful to have GPS In my car and Google Maps on my phone.

I'm starting a list of “weird” things I observe in my new city and thought I'd share one with you tonight: Windows Open With No Screens. Yes, you read that right, this practice is rampant throughout the city, people keeping their windows and doors open with no screens. Of course, there are fewer bugs here than in MN, but seriously. I just can't adjust to this practice yet. The flies love living indoors and I find that pretty gross. For this woman with MN roots, the screens will stay on the windows and doors closed unless screened.

The other huge change this week is I started my new job as Regional Vice President of Coaching and Client Services at InsideTrack. It was a fun and fulfilling week, filled with new people and lots of new information. It's been exactly one year and one month since I left Capella University for my personal sabbatical and although my time off was AMAZING, I was ready to get back to work.

My first interaction with InsideTrack was over three years ago during a pilot at Capella University. I remember going home after the second or third meeting and telling my husband how much I really enjoyed interacting with the people from InsideTrack. I said, “This is the first time in eight years that I have even found another company interesting. I wish they were based in the Twin Cities, so I could try and pursue a position with their company.” I loved the energy, integrity and enthusiasm they brought to every conversation and I loved their mission of helping students graduate through personal coaching.

View from my office window.

Well, fast forward to about 2 months ago while we were in the throes of planning and packing for our big move to Oregon. I took some time to set up specific job searches on and a position with InsideTrack appeared and looked very interesting. I applied, contacted a colleague from the company and let him know I had submitted my resume and then waited. A few weeks later the interviews started and I had an intense series of Skype and in person interviews. I'm now the most recent Regional Vice President of Coaching and Client Services at InsideTrack.

I'm happy to be working and even happier to be working at a company that is exciting, has a strong mission and a great culture. 2012 just keeps getting better and better.


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