Happy New Year from Portland, OR

It is 2013 and I live in Portland, OR.

It’s almost unbelievable to me at times that I can make the above statement. 2012 has been a whirlwind year filled with amazing and abundant change. Here is a quick recap of 2012 for the Hanson family. We sold a house in MN, moved to a duplex in St. Paul (for six months), drove cross country to live in Portland, OR, got new jobs, moved into a rental house in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Portland (for 4 months) and bought a house in SW Portland. All I can say is uff-dah (as some of my Midwest relatives would say), it’s been a long, busy, exciting and exhausting year.

Our new house.

Our SW Portland House.

As I type up all of the major changes in the last year I am a bit amazed that it all went as smoothly as it did. At the end of it all the worst we had to deal with was a nail in our car’s tire the day before we were scheduled to drive cross-country and cats barfing on the cross-country drive. Not too bad for the kind of changes we made in our lives.

I feel a new zest for life in the midst of the life changes we have made. I move through my days and find my mind filled with memories of moving to Minneapolis to get my degree at the University of MN. I have so many similar feelings and experiences right now, around things like: meeting new people, understanding the culture of my new city, learning about history of the city, navigating a new downtown and new freeway/transit systems and building a life from the ground up. What makes this experience so different than that period of my life is two-fold, I’m working and I have a partner in my husband to share the experience.┬áSpeaking of my husband, I feel awfully grateful to have a partner in my life who had a willingness to leave behind our wonderful life in Minnesota and explore someplace new.

As I think about 2013 and what is important to me, it will be: exploration and connection. Exploration into our neighborhood, city and state (and even region). I want to continue to try new restaurants and bars, visit new vineyards, hike new trails, visit state parks outside of the city and experience all I can in the area related to nature, culture and art. Making connections is also important to me this year—building professional and personal connections with people in the Portland region. I want to add people to my live who can serve as mentors, friends and “family”.

I look forward to continuing to share the journey as Portland, Oregon becomes home. Cheers.

Here's to 2013!

Here’s to 2013!




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