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A cross-country journey from Minnesota to Portland in the summer of 2012 has led to new adventures that need to be shared about the city and surrounding areas in Oregon.

Tell Me More
Kimberly and husband sold their home, packed up most of their belongings and are embarking on a life changing journey to Portland, OR with their two Devon Rex cats (Chenille and Shinobi). They have left their childhood home, family, friends and jobs and start anew. This move has fulfilled one of the biggest dreams of their lives and lead to many new adventures.

The Writer, Artful Dreamer and Photographer. Kimberly is a big dreamer with a passion to learn about and experience as much as she can, where she lives. She is the type of person that wants to connect with the people around her and is fascinated with what people are passionate about in life…their dreams. She loves to ask, “If you could do anything, and money wasn’t an option–what would it be?” More than just talking about dreams, she is passionate about taking practical steps to achieve these dreams.

The Husband
Randy is the WordPress guru, IT support specialist, graphic designer, biggest cheerleader and editor of grammar and spelling.  When he’s not helping his wife, he is either working “all things technology” in corporate America or writing his own blog, which explores classic cocktails: Summit Sips

Artful Dreamer